Virtual Reality Experiences in Amsterdam

Experience the most immersive and diverse VR&AR



Virtuality Amsterdam let you discover the virtual world in a fun and immersive way! Escape from an island occupied by Zombies in Virtual Reality, get your self in a Paintball battle with your friends in VR. Feel the shots or travel to Rome or Machu Picchu and just fly in VR. We got the best of Virtual Reality in house for all ages. Book your Virtual Reality adventure now!

What to expect:

  • Escape from Zombie Island: Walk on our treadmill, and escape from the Zombie Island with friends. You can also choice to walk in a Mario world or walk trough the fantasy world 
  • Paintball Battle VR: Wear our haptic vest on and feel when you get shot in VR. You can play with up to 4 of your friends.  An incredible social experience! 
  • Solves the puzzel: Wear our magic gloves and solve the puzzle with your own hands and feel it as well.
  • Rowing simulator: A world to discover by just rowing.  In VR you will row trough different world like Babylon, underwater tropical rivers and fly, by just rowing!
  • Roller coaster: Dare to take a ride on our roller coster VR experience!
  • Racing: Race like a pro on our motion platform that let you feel how it is to drive a racing car.

On top of all this, we offer also the Augmented Reality (AR) experiences: Robots will appear from our own wall thanks to this magic glasses that you are wearing. And it's up to you to save us by destroying the incoming robots. But you can also travel and discover Rome or Machu Picchu ...where would you like to go?

One hour exclusief acces to all experience for just €29,50,- 



10 minutes walking from Amsterdam CS