Bob levlaw


Everyone knows what there is to do in Amsterdam. There are some of the world’s best museums, best walks, most interesting houses and fantastic varieties of restaurants. But if you are looking for something very different to do and have a playful spirit, I highly recommend Virtuality, a 10 minute drive from the Central TrainStation, away from the crowded city centers. 

Virtuality features teathered VR games. You are connected in one way or another to certain apparatus, usually through a helmet, which is tethered to wired connections. It is not free-roaming such as Zero Latency, which has about 15 worldwide locations including Las Vegas. Zero vacancy is more expensive and has not developed all the different types of games that Virtuality has. For only €29 each my girlfriend and I had an hour and a half of crazy, wild game experiences that left us sweaty, breathless, dizzy and ultimately exhilarated. Owner Shakib Hakimi and his very helpful staff guide you through game after game. You want to kill zombies (and who doesn’t?). No problem. Drive fast motor cars? Done. Wander through alien worlds? Check that. Play paintball against your best bud? Done! We have played a lot of virtual reality games in the United States through Zero Latency. This is a completely different type of experience and you get every single bit of your euro cents worth in it. We can’t wait to go back. Highly recommended and 5 star +++.