VR Center in Amsterdam

We offer you the fellowing 6 unique experiences

Walk on OMNI treadmill

V.R. Experience Amsterdam

Walk around in the virtual world thanks to Omni. The device registers movements like walking, turning and squatting of the user, and translates this fluently into V.R.


V.R. Experience Amsterdam

Holodia rowing is a rowing machine, combined with V.R. glasses. This allows you to row through beautiful landscapes, getting an excellent workout as well.

Hand tracking VR Gloves

V.R. Experience Amsterdam

Track your hands and see them in VR: Using V.R.-gloves gives an even stronger feeling of having stepped into another (virtual) world. Haptic feedback and force feedback cause the gloves to make you actually feel objects!


V.R. Experience Amsterdam

Have you always wanted to race as a pro? Your race experience has never been this realistic as the one you’ll have in Virtuality’s Gforce 6D Simulator!


When you experience something in VR, the TactSuit will make you actually feel it in one or more of the 50+ haptic feedback points!


AR Experience Amsterdam

The Hololens is simply awesome! It allows you to visualize digital content in the real world, this is also known as an Augmented Reality. An extra digital experience on top of the limitless real world.

And as the only center in the world, we also offer the Augmented Reality experience: From the walls of our center Robots appear and it is up to you to save us! Experience Augmented Reality in the world's most unique way.

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